First off the Bike – Interview

Interview extract from “First of the Bike”

Age Grouper of the Month – Kevin Fergusson (AUS)

When did you first do your triathlon? What was the first triathlon you did?
I told you not to ask me dates.(laughs) It was around beginning of the eighties I think, yeah, early eighties, I did around about 250 swim, 20 bike and five k run.

I-Heart-My-BikeAnd from then on, for you, a love affair with the sport or have you come in and out of it?
My brother and me decided to do it together. My brother and I smoked at the time. So we both had played football and it was the thing to try and get fit, and we did that one just before Christmas and we said both of us together will give up smoking and have a go. And I was lucky. It was the first time I have ever beaten my brother at anything. I came out mid field and he came dead last. We were both pretty heavy smokers so it was a bit of a life changing step, that’s for sure.    Continue reading First off the Bike – Interview

Aeromax Team News

World Long Course Champs / Fergusson clean sweeps 4 World Titles

aeromax_logoWe only had a small crew of 5 at the World long course champs in Perth. Kevin Fergusson achieved the impossible by winning his 4th World Title in 5 weeks, not only did he complete his goal but a scant 2 weeks after his Hawaiian Ironman win he won the Perth worlds by a staggering 22 mins.   Continue reading Aeromax Team News