Bike Leg

Thanks to Giant Bikes, the winning time for the Giant bike leg for each Ironman will be a fantastic prize of a Giant Team Kit. RRP $410 

giant samples_AU010586_Raglan JER001_reps kit_V1_3-01The prize for the Giant bike leg for each Ironman will be a fantastic Giant cycling kit worth $410. But wait, there’s more; each kit has been signed by Team Giant-Shimano, $priceless!

Marcel Kittel, now riding for Giant-Shimano, won 4 stages of the 2013 Tour de France and has won the Tour Down Under’s first stage tonight, making this kit even more valuable.

You can see by the photos, I am pretty happy to get the signatures. Thanks to all the people involved at Giant for making this happen and Team Giant-Shimano for taking the time to sign 5 sets of kit.


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