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CC_SAEvery day 25 South Australians are diagnosed with cancer, a disease that will affect one in two people at some time in their lives.

At Cancer Council SA, we know every day there is hope—hope for better treatments, hope for more survivors and hope for a cancer-free future—because every day we’re another step closer to beating cancer.

Every day we are working to reduce the impact of cancer on South Australians through:

  • Investing in the Cancer Council Beat Cancer Project, a major cancer research partnership (with the South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute and the SA Government) that aims to find more cancer breakthroughs.
  • Providing dedicated support services that aim to reduce the practical and emotional impact of cancer—like Cancer Council Helpline 13 11 20 where qualified cancer nurses can talk to anyone (patients, carers, family, colleagues and health professionals) about anything to do with cancer.
  • Running prevention and screening programs that aim to help people reduce their own cancer risk and find cancer early.
  • Advocating government to better support people with cancer and implement laws and policies that help to prevent people from developing cancer.

Since 1928 Cancer Council SA has been working towards beating cancer. We have seen patient support improve, prevention campaigns work and, since 1990, survival rates for many common cancers increase by as much as 30 per cent.

As an independent, non-government organisation, this incredible work is only made possible by the extraordinarily generous support of the South Australian community: our donors, our volunteers and our Ambassadors. To them, we say thank you.

So what will you do today to help beat cancer?

Our vision

To beat cancer in South Australia.

Statement of purpose

Through research, prevention and support strategies, we will minimise the impact of all cancers for all South Australians.

Guiding principles

1. Reduce cancer risk, increase cancer prevention.
Outcome: save lives by reducing the number of new cases of cancer.

2. Improve the rates of survival when cancer does occur.
Outcome: a decline in death rates from cancer.

3. Optimise cancer care.
Outcome: people receive effective and best treatment and care.

4. Improve the quality of life of people with cancer, cancer survivors and carers.
Outcome: people receive effective support, which contributes to quality of life.

5. Address inequalities in cancer risk and cancer outcomes between more and less advantaged sectors of the community, by addressing the causes.
Outcome: reduced inequality in cancer incidence and outcomes of care in the community.

Visit us:

phone_donationCancer Council SA
202 Greenhill Road, Eastwood
South Australia, 5063 [Map]
Phone. 08 8291 4111
Fax. 08 8291 4122
For all Cancer Council inquiries:
Contact: via Email
ABN:  31 469 615 538

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