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How to Buy a Ticket:   All “Tickets” –  for the Four Prizes, can  be purchased from this single page. Read Instructions:  Scroll down to MATRIX  to Purchase – if Processing takes some time: –  wait, be patient, it is possible you have a slow connection or the site under Heavy load. (Works best with Safari, Chrome, FireFox, IE – sometimes twitchy)


“TICKET: (100 Tickets/Prize at $5ea) sold in”

Four Rows, with 25 Columns. 

  • Choose the Ticket you wish to buy, click on it, and it will be added to your Cart. Continue selections and the selected Tickets will be listed in Cart (if you make a mistake they can be deleted at Cart level. Return to TOP Arrow  up-arrow  in Cart Items Box ).
  • NOTE: #1 Booking Details “Window POP-UP” will open on “Checkout” selection. On “Continue” selection a Booking Confirmation form will follow. (IF NOT VISIBLE SCROLL UP)
  • NOTE: #2 Payments will be made through the Standard PayPal Gateway. Payment via Paypal Account or Credit Card: MasterCard/Visa/Debit Card. (Cart Total plus: 6% Administration Charge to cover PayPal Fee-WEB Hosting etc.).
  • NOTE: #3 Selected Ticket Numbers: Will appear in the Shopping Cart-Description of the PayPal-Payment Receipt, this  will appear on your Browser and be Emailed to you after payment. Print a copy for your reference.

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