TDU 2015 Stage 6 “Rider’s Sign On Board” for Sale

10336674_915804288452152_5110196932901444701_nThis is huge; I still can’t believe I have the Stage 6 “Riders’ Sign On Board” of the Santos Tour Down Under!

It is history in the making,  with number 1-Cadel Evans last ever sign on signature of a World tour and number 7-Rohan Dennis first as the World tour winner. The value of this bit of history is hard to estimate, but personally I think it will get me very close to my Iron5for55 target.

To maximise my chances of getting the best price I am asking you what you think the value is and the best way to sell it.
I would love it to stay in South Australia-I was thinking of approaching local hotels that have a cycling background; any suggestions would be appreciated.

 10952409_915780098454571_8840123495892140502_nThe other option is to put it on Ebay, but it would certainly be lost to SA. If you have any ideas or very rich friends, please message me.

It looks so good on the wall, if only I could afford it.  

Thanks Kevin