WINNERS:  IRONMAN-W.A.(Busselton). Congratulation Kevin on the Final Race (No: 5). Five IRONMAN Races in one year with 5 WINS in the 55 to 59 Age Group, with 3 race Records (if not 4-to be checked).

Vystup na Gloucester tree - 61 mIf thats not enough, when I spoke with Kevin this morning, to wish him well. He tells me he is of to Climb “The Gloucester Tree” today, a giant Karri tree in the Gloucester National Park of Western Australia. At 72 metres in height, it is the world’s second tallest fire-lookout tree, and visitors can climb up to a platform in its upper branches for a spectacular view of the surrounding karri forest.

I mean what else would you do!!!!


• Swim Leg Range:  40min + matrix value
• Bike Leg Range:  4hr : 35min + matrix value
• Run Leg Range:  3hr + matrix value 
• Final Leg Range:  9hr + matrix value

SWIM:  Race Time – 54min 31sec = ticket 1414 ( Matrix Selection, was sold)   (PayPal purchase ref Item Number: 290), IM-BUSSELTON290-1414 -TXYN290.
Winner:   Sarah McEachern  (and a Top Race Result in your First IRONMAN to boot)

BIKE:  Race Time – 4hr  41min  24sec = ticket 0623  (not sold), closest was 0624   (PayPal purchase ref Item Number: 308), IM-BUSSELTON308 IM-BUSSELTON308-O624 -TXYN308.
Winner:  Lloyd and Chelsea Damp

RUN: Race Time – 3hr 37min 18sec = ticket 3732  (not sold), closest was 3733   (PayPal purchase ref Item Number: 276), IM-BUSSELTON276 IM-BUSSELTON276-3733 -TXYN276.
Winner:  Darryl Tozer

Final:  Race Time – 9hr 18min 15sec = ticket 1842  ( Matrix Selection, was sold)    (PayPal purchase ref Item Number: 214), IM-BUSSELTON282 IM-BUSSELTON282-1842- TXYN282.
Winner: David Chapman

Since this is the Final Draw, I would like to personally thank everyone that participated in the Fund Raising Champaign via the Times Guessing Raffle or Direct Sponsorships. With Big thank you to all the Prizes Sponsor’s for there Generosity and Support over the year.

Below is best representation of the Spread of Times Purchased – Hope this is of interest. (I could only do Swim, Bike, and Run.) I lie I did them all, where are those glasses?

Screen Shot 2014-12-08 at 12.34.03 pm

Screen Shot 2014-12-08 at 12.33.37 pm