WINNERS:  IRONMAN-KONA (World Championships). Sorry for the big delay, Kev has been taking the heat, while I was away

As Kevin stated, a very tough day but also one of his most enjoyable Hawaii Ironman he has done. Not a course Record but, thats 4 Ironman Win’s in 4 events, with 3 Course Records).


Once again, no one picked the exact time in any Leg: Swim, Bike, Run or Final Time.  So the Winner go to the Closest Selection.

Goes to show,  we need more sales, don’t leave any hole’s in the Matrix for “BUY-IM BUSSELTON”. This is the last Event for “Iron5for55” so lets make it a big one! You have 2 weeks to purchase.

• Swim Leg Range:  40min + matrix value
• Bike Leg Range:  4hr : 35min + matrix value
• Run Leg Range:  3hr + matrix value 
• Final Leg Range:  9hr + matrix value

SWIM:  Race Time – 1hr 01min 53sec = ticket 2116 (above Matrix Selection, not sold) closest was 2016  (PayPal purchase ref Item Number: 235), IM-KONA235-2016 – TXYN235.
Winner: Kevin Duffy

BIKE:  Race Time – 5hr  00min  26sec = ticket 2523  (not sold), closest was 2724   (PayPal purchase ref Item Number: 224), IM-KONA224-2724 -TXYN224.
Winner: Adam Spratt

RUN: Race Time – 3hr 42min 17sec = ticket 4232  (not sold), closest was 4132  (PayPal purchase ref Item Number: 270), IM-KONA270-4132 – TXYN270.
Winner: Bobby Edwards

Final:  Race Time – 9hr 55min 07sec = ticket 5541  (not sold), closest was 6045   (PayPal purchase ref Item Number: 214), IM-KONA270-6045 – TXYN270.
Winner: Bobby Edwards

A “Double” to Bobby Edwards and another Family “Duffy” Win , and well done Adam. Good on you guys.

Below is best representation of the Spread of Times Purchased – Hope this is of interest. (I could only do Swim, Bike, and Run.)