Video – “Iron 5 for 55” concept.

Iron 5 for 55 is a fundraising mission by Ironman triathlete, Kevin Fergusson, to raise $55,000 for cancer research.

Kevin aims to do this by competing in 5 ironman races in 2014, the year he turns 55. Not only will Kevin compete in 5 races, he will strive to win his age group and set the course record in each race. Overall, his competition and fundraising efforts will be a massive effort, and he has the commitment and determination to succeed.

Visit: To participate in Time Draws.

You can also sponsor/donate direct through the site.

OR – Directly on the Cancer council site.

At present 3 x Ironman done, with 3 Wins, 3 records.

2 x Ironman to go. Kona World Championships next on the 11 Oct 2014. Get on Board.