AGMT-Karlie Jennings

AGTM Issue 04! Special Kona edition


Sneak peek of AGTM Issue 04! Special Kona edition.




Feature Article – Kevin Fergusson, his amazing Story about the “IRON5FOR55” concept to raise funds for Cancer Research available on News-stand this week!   Check it out Now !

AGMT-Karlie JenningsMore in AGTM 04 September Issue, we chat with Karlie Jennings and how she’s making history at KONA this year! Check it out on Newsstand this week!

So check out all the other Feature articles in the September “Kona Special” Age Group Triathlete Magazine is up on the news-stand.

We are really proud of this issue because we think it is the best so far and we think it takes the magazine to the next level !!!

Another exciting thing to share with you is the AGTM app is in the process of being upgraded to allow access on iPhone
(iTunes say 1-2 weeks for the approval process so I expect we will see the upgrade appear next week sometime.) Circulation still currently only going to iPads.

Thank you all for your part in this magazine. (Or being part of the next issue). For those who contributed I hope it helps to raise your profiles on a global level.

We are still working to grow the magazine so if you are able to share the links to the magazine on your social media channels it would be really good. (I have seen some doing it already so thanks very much)

Go to the  link,  AGTM app on iTunes, and on Facebook.

Finally to our “stars” going to Kona. Wishing for you a “Perfect day” and I can’t wait to hear your stories afterwards. Enjoy the magazine and thanks again.

AGMT-logoColin Leeson.