AGTM Interview Sept. Issue

Head’s UP for AGTM (Age Group Triathlete Magazine) Interview – Sept. Issue agtm_aug-issueKevin Fergusson has just done a phone interview with Colin Leeson at AGTM (Age Group Triathlete Magazine) an international audience at last, hopefully it will help for Fund-Raising in Hawaii.  Kevin’s article will appear in the Sept issue.  So have a look at their WEB Site and Facebook page, or Direct iTunes link, if you are not familiar with the Magazine. The August  issue came out today …. So look out for the Sept Issue. ABOUT – AGTM  ” We are very excited to have the magazine up and running and look forward to bringing you the best in age grouper information over the coming months and years. My name is Colin Leeson and I am the Age Group Triathlete Magazine (AGTM) editor. I live in Brisbane, Australia and have been an age grouper triathlete for over 20 years, regularly competing in events ranging from small sprint triathlons to Ironman.I also direct the sporting brand TLR Performance which provides gear and accessories for triathletes, cyclists and runners.”

march_issueClick Image Left to View the first 10 pages of the AGTM March 2014 edition, to get the look and feel. For further information Contact Colin Leeson at AGTM – via the Contact Page on their Web Site.  “Contact Colin for a pdf preview version if thats your bag”.  Magazine currently designed for electronic Distribution via Magazine app.


Colin  realise’s not all of you have iPads and he is still waiting for the magazine to be available on other platforms iPhone, Android and Kindle devices) . Remember pdf’s lose functionality like links, videos, navigation etc. which work on the Magazine app.