Winners – IM Cairns

hat-trickWINNERS:  Ironman – Cairns. (I have Triple checked results.) Believe it or not!!!!!!

Kev seemed to call it eary when he stated. Let’s talk cricket, I am going for the hat-trick at Cairns and I am also trying raise $55,000 to hit Cancer for a six. So get behind, and many did but who would have thought there would have been a Winning “Hat Trick”. What are the odds.

• Swim Leg Range:  40min + matrix value
• Bike Leg Range:  4hr : 35min + matrix value
• Run Leg Range:  3hr + matrix value 
• Final Leg Range:  9hr + matrix value

SWIM:  Race Time – 56min 57sec = ticket 1616 closest was 1711  (PayPal purchase ref Item Number: 218)
Winner: James Duffy 

BIKE:  Race Time – 4hr 56min 36sec = ticket 2124 closest was 1823   (PayPal purchase ref Item Number: 218)
Winner: James Duffy

RUN: Race Time – 3hr 39min 10sec = ticket 3932 closest was 4131  (PayPal purchase ref Item Number: 218)
Winner: James Duffy

Final:  Race Time – 9hr 37min 15sec = ticket 3742 closest was 3744   (PayPal purchase ref Item Number: 214)
Winner: Julianne Schliebs

A “Hat Trick” to James Duffy and a “Triple Win” to Julianne Schliebs over 3 events. I know James has been doing the research and crunching the numbers, Julianne (she spent up, with appropriate rewards. Good on you guys.

Below is best representation of the Spread of Times Purchased – Hope this is of interest. (I could only do Swim, Bike, and Run.)