Kevin Wins Age Group IM Melbourne

Kevin Fergusson – you are a Legend. “You are an Ironman”

Preliminary Finish time: 9hr:18min:47sec

One down – with a spot at Kona.  Four More races to go.

Happy celebrations!  – Party hard tonight and tomorrow.

Next up Ironman Australia – 4th May 2014 (42 days / 6 weeks) to recover and still keep the kettle boiling, to be in top form for another challenge. If anyone can do it it’s Kevin Fergusson.

Remember all what this Site Objective is – “Raising money for Cancer Research.”

BUY – IRONMAN Australia will be up and running in a week or two, after we review, improve and simplify. It’s a big learning curve.

In the mean time you can Donate or Sponsor (JUST DO IT).  Don’t leave it till later … “Later never happens!”

Preliminary Results from IRONMAN Athlete Tracker.