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TransitionsLogoMattS, on Apr 23 2010, 11:13 PM, said:

I am a member of Kev’s tri club (Lakers). I don’t actually train with him (I don’t actually train!) but have known him for a good 6-7 years, and known of him for even longer.

When I first started tri’s about 10 years ago he was more often than not winning open sprint and OD distance races in SA against some pretty good oposition (eg Matt Stephens, Matty White, Shane & Ryan Johnson, Andrew Robertson..etc) not to mention a lot younger than him. Over the last maybe 5 years he has focussed more on IM distance and sadly doesn’t race as much locally anymore.

Not sure of the official record, but I think he has won his AG at Kona once and twice runner up. He must have won his AG at IMOZ 3 or 4 times. He has also won at least 2 OD world champs for his AG. He also had a crack at the Australian elite circuit a few years back.

He is actively involved in the Lakers tri club, and at one stage was running the club’s velodrome session and track running sessions, as well as numerous stints at committee level. Needless to say he is a life member of the club.

He works as an outdoor education lecturer and quite often goes away for his work. He once wrote in the TriSa newsletter an account of his usual week, I got tired just reading it, it was similar to the Trent Chapman thing on the other thread, perhaps not quite the volume, but he also has a wife and 2 kids to see as well.

He really is a top bloke and is very humble and probably would squirm at having stuff written about him like this. Sorry for that Kev! 

Kev’s main strength is the bike. Locally he used to hang in with the top swimmers, sometimes get dropped, but would then catch them on the bike where they would sometimes stay with him and run away from him on the run. A lot of the time though he managed to drop them on the bike and hold on to win. Not that his running was shabby (maybe a 17-18min 5k and 36-37min 10k..?), just that some of the others were quicker.

One race I remember well was when we had the National Duathlon Titles here in Adelaide. Kevin raced with the elites, he lost maybe a minute or two on the first run, but then managed to ride solo and bridge accross to the lead group which was made up of some pretty handy athletes from all over Australia. Pretty sure he then rode them off his wheel to enter T2 first, but then faded on the run to finish maybe 5th or 6th. He Would have been at least 40 at the time!

I also remember doing Amy’s Ride here in Adelaide last year, it was sometime in November about a week after Kona (which he won). Not sure if the OD worlds had been run at that time, but it was when he was on his mission (which was successful) to become world champ in IM, OD, Aquathon and Long Course. Anyway, I caught up with him at a set of traffic lights, told me he was riding with his son who was part of a SASI training squad, Kev was just helping out – that’s the sort of bloke he is, riding a lazy 100k with his son a week after winning Kona!

I dont know if he is going to Kona this year, but he did win his AG at Port Mac again this year.

So that’s a little snippet of Kev, there may be plenty of good AGers out there, but I can’t imagine there are any better than Kev.