Age Group men who qualified for the IRONMAN World Championship

A look at some of the Age Group men who qualified for the IRONMAN World Championship 2012.

Athletes racing at Ironman Melbourne always pose a threat to place very high in their age group in Kona; two examples we have already seen in Farrell and Coppock. Others that are sure to cause a stir in the respective age group include two-time top five finisher, Sam Hume.











Hume has previously finished second and third in the 30-34 age group, clocking an 8:57 in 2008. Hume is on track for another podium finish in 2012 after his qualification in Melbourne when he finished in 8:57 and placed third in the 35-39 age group. First place went to the aforementioned, Davidson, with Ollie Allan finishing second in 8:54.

Allan currently does not have a record in Kona, but the coach at tri-alliance in Port Melbourne, Australia is holding his own in some very respectable company. While experience in Kona is important, Allan should have a solid placement in Kona.
David Boyes is a known quantity on the Big Island, having finished in the top-ten four times, including a third place in the 45-49 age group in 2009. Boyes has already raced twice in 2012 having finished second in the 45-49 age group at Ironman Western Australia and second in the 50-54 age group at Ironman Melbourne.

A note here is relevant as Boyes has aged up to the 50-54 age group. With his first entry into this age group, Boyes stands as a strong contender for a podium finish this year. However, he’ll be racing against  Kevin Fergusson who was the first 50-54 age grouper across the line in Melbourne. Fergusson has a stellar record in Kona; he won the 50-54 in 2009 and has two second place finishes in the 45-49. Fergusson could take the entire thing, but it’ll be a great age group race.